Samsung and Thomas Kinkade Collaborate on LCD Prototype
Jun 4, 2008
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has collaborated with The Thomas Kinkade Company to develop a prototype of the first TV to be combined with a digital art display system a potential hybrid LCD TV and mini-exhibit that would be able to shift between artwork and TV programming at a moments notice.

The combined art display and TV, when later manufactured, would integrate the refined subtlety of art with the vivid realism of HDTV in a way that is likely to change the future of room décor. 

As conceived, the 46-inch diagonal Art-TV would allow viewers to switch between any number of digitally re-mastered pre-loaded Thomas Kinkade paintings or original 16x9 art digitally created by Thomas Kinkade specifically for the new medium.

Samsung and the Thomas Kinkade Company indicated that by the time the Digital Masterworks Art-TV goes into mass production, the system, as conceived, would feature a customizable integrated touch screen to allow the purchaser to modify overall image lighting or subtly enhance specific colors within the Thomas Kinkade Companys guidelines to take maximum advantage of the lighting in the home or office where it has been installed. Hidden touch controls then also would permit viewers to electronically flip through their favorite Thomas Kinkade selections, showing one, two, four or all of the selected paintings at once. Users would also be able to zoom in and out of portions of any painting.

As planned, additional paintings would be uploaded from the Thomas Kinkade Companys electronic art network either through a wired or wireless (802.11g) connection. Consumers would also be able to play audio about each painting that, for example, might describe the artists thoughts or provide an overview of the art style.

Plans are for the new system to be first available late this year, through any Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery worldwide. Sometime in the second half of 2009, the Thomas Kinkade Company may also make it available through a select group of leading retailers.

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