LG, Samsung to Create Mobile DTV Standard
May 16, 2008
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LG and Samsung said they will cooperate on a jointly developed mobile DTV broadcast system for the North American technology standard.The relationship is expected to give the resulting broadcasting system a stronger voice along other mobile video broadcast systems. The companies vowed to “cooperate in order to assure rapid adoption by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) of a single common in-band mobile DTV standard.”

The companies said the joint mobile DTV solution will use the existing terrestrial digital TV broadcast bandwidth, with no impact on existing digital TV and with minimum broadcasting equipment investment. The companies cited a recent study commissioned by the NAB that indicated the adoption of a single ATSC mobile/handheld DTV standard could open the U.S. market to adoption of some 130 million mobile DTV phones by the end of 2012, with the market for portable media device mobile DTV receivers growing to include an additional 25 million units.


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