Whirlpool and Others Collaborate on Connected Home Space
Apr 24, 2008
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The 2008 State of the Connected Home Market Study is being conducted under the auspices of the Internet Home Alliance Research Council, which is part of CABA, a not-for-profit industry association that promotes advanced technologies for the automation of homes and buildings in North America. The results of the study, which will conclude on May 30, 2008, are expected to be released to the public in January 2009. The study is being conducted by Zanthus, a market research-based consulting firm that serves high-tech companies.

“Cross-industry collaboration is key to the adoption of smart home products and services,” said Henry O. Marcy, vice president, Global Technology, Whirlpool, the study’s lead participant.

“Our research reveals that consumers want comprehensive connected home solutions. They don’t want to have to cobble together smart home products and services themselves.”

In addition to validating past and current trends in the marketplace and evaluating general consumer understanding of the connected home, the study will assess potential products and services and provide trend lines in specific application areas, including music, video, gaming, lighting, temperature control, security, communications/scheduling, health/fitness and productivity.

Following are some of the potential applications that will be tested in the study:

  • When the phone rings, the caller ID shows up on a television screen

  • The home’s temperature can be controlled remotely, allowing the homeowner to save on energy costs by adjusting the home’s temperature according to changing weather conditions

  • Multiple rooms in a home can be video-monitored via the Internet from anywhere in the world

  • A homeowner can adjust the home’s lighting remotely, allowing travelers to give the home a “lived-in” feel

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