Arçelik Named Turkey's Most Memorable Brand
Apr 8, 2008
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A Nielsen survey has once again named Arçelik Turkey's most memorable brand and most memorable firm in 2007.

The recent survey asked, "What is the firm that first comes to mind?" without mentioning any product, brand or category. Arçelik again ranked first, while Koç took the second spot and Beko and Ülker shared third place. In a question asking if customers felt any affinity with a brand, one-fifth replied that they did not feel an affinity with any brand. Among the brands that consumers do have an affinity with, Arçelik ranked first, Ülker second, and Nike and Adidas took third. Other brands that consumers felt an affinity with were Pınar, Vestel, Sony, Beko, Levi's, Bosch, and LCW.

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