Retailer ALDI SÜD Group to Use Carrier's Refrigerant in Stores
Apr 8, 2008
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Carrier Corp has signed an agreement with the ALDI SÜD group to install five more refrigerating plants using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) refrigerant at its German branches. The projects were defined and ordered at EuroShop 2008 in February and installation will begin in May.

ALDI SÜD, a global discount retailer based in Mönchengladbach, Germany, commissioned its first Carrier CO2 refrigeration plant in 2006. ALDI SÜD operates seven environmentally sound refrigerating plants in Germany, accounting for approximately 80% of all trans-critical CO2 plants in the country.

"Two years ago, ALDI SÜD made a bold decision to pursue an environmentally sound course with CO2 refrigeration, and we are most pleased to continue working with them," said Philippe Delpech, president, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration EMEA.

The CO2OLtec technology, based on CO2, is a viable long-term solution that does not fall under the scope of the EU F-gas regulation 842/2006, and significantly reduces direct and indirect emissions. CO2 refrigerant operates via compressors that produce very low noise levels. Smaller pipe diameters are possible too, due to the 4- to 6-fold higher volumetric cooling capacity of CO2.


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