AHRI Announces Program to Address Infrared Heater Safety
Apr 4, 2008
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The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) announced its development of the Infrared Heater Safety Council (IRSC), a safety education initiative dedicated to reducing fires caused by the misuse of infrared heating equipment used in commercial buildings. The council was formed by gas-fired infrared heating equipment manufacturers who believed a program was needed to promote safe use of their products. The council administers a national safety campaign targeted to reach building inspectors, fire authorities and, through them, building owners.

“Infrared heating technology has a long history of safety and has been widely used to heat a variety of commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, fire stations, vehicle service facilities and aircraft hangars,” said IRSC chairman Joseph A. Wortman. “But like all gas-burning products, infrared heaters have installation, operation, and service procedures that must be followed to ensure safety.”

The IRSC’s educational effort focuses attention on the safe use of infrared heaters, including their proper use, application, gas connections, ventilation and clearances to combustibles. As part of the campaign, a safety pamphlet that highlights safety precautions, provides an overview of applicable codes and standards, and a safety checklist for fire inspectors, is being distributed to fire marshals and insurance company risk managers.

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