Dell Plans New PCs for China and India
Mar 21, 2008
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Dell is developing new models aimed at Chinese and Indian consumers to drive sales in fast-growing Asian markets, CEO Michael Dell said. "This year, we plan to introduce 50% more notebook platforms than we introduced last year, including exciting new products aimed exactly at Chinese customer needs," Dell said. New models are meant to meet "specifically the requirements that we see in countries like China and India." 

Dell says its consumer sales in China grew by 54% last year, more than three times the industry average of 17%. Dell's retail presence in China will expand to 1200 cities by the end of this year, up from just 45 in 2007, said Amid Midha, Dell Greater China president. The company already has two factories in Xiamen, a southeastern Chinese city, and a design center in Shanghai that the company says is its biggest outside the United States. Dell said the company expects its purchases of components and other products in China to rise by 27% this year to US$23 billion.



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