iRobot Launches Two Pool Cleaning Robots
Mar 12, 2008
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iRobot Corp. announced an expansion of the iRobot Verro Pool Cleaning Robot line. Verro robots come equipped with an internal filtration system that removes debris and particles from pool surfaces and water as small as two microns, providing a cleaner and healthier pool.

The robots include two new models, the Verro 100 Pool Cleaning Robot and the Verro 500 Pool Cleaning Robot. The Verro 100 is designed specifically to clean above ground pools, while the Verro 500 is designed to clean in-ground pools with gentle, but heavy-duty, scrubbing power. Robots are priced at $399, $699, and $999, respectively.

The new Verro 100 will navigate and clean a flat-bottomed above ground pool of any shape, while vacuuming debris along the way. The new Verro 500 features rubber rollers that brush and power-scrub all pool surfaces, as well as a vacuum to remove debris. The Verro 500 cleans pool floors and climbs walls all the way up to the water line. Sitting atop sturdy treads that drive the robot, the Verro 500 works on all pool surfaces, including vinyl, tile, fiberglass, and gunite. The iRobot Verro 300 also features a vacuum to remove debris and includes HydroJet power washers that blast grime from pool surfaces, including the hard to clean pores, cracks, and crevices of cement and gunite pools.

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