South Korea fines Motorola Korea
Mar 11, 2008
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South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has levied a fine of 696 million won, or US$729,000, on Motorola Korea Inc. for helping three South Korean companies collude to get orders from government agencies.

Leenos Corp. and two other South Korean companies were fined a combined 282 million won ($295,000) for conspiring to coordinate their bidding prices for the supply of mobile telecommunications devices to state police agencies, the antitrust agency said in a statement. The three companies worked as sales agents for Motorola's trunked radio system, sold in the South Korean market, the statement said.

Motorola Korea, the South Korean unit of U.S. mobile phone maker Motorola Inc., criticized the ruling. Motorola Korea said it planned to decide how to respond, including whether to appeal, after receiving and reviewing the regulator's written decision. (AP)

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