Consumer Awareness of the DTV Transition up 80%
Feb 8, 2008
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Consumer awareness of the transition to digital television (DTV) grew 80% since 2006, according to new market research by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

"The digital television transition is on time, on track and consumers understand that it is coming next year," said Jason Oxman, vice president, Communications and Member Relations, CEA. "Our survey results show the joint educational efforts of government and the private sector are working, and the digital television transition will be a success. CEA's research revealed that the top sources consumers are using to learn about the transition include television (72%), family and friends (39%) and the Internet (26%)." 

CEA also released new survey results that predict the success of the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA)'s converter box coupon program which launched in January and was featured at the 2008 International CES. Converter boxes are only needed for consumers who watch over-the-air broadcasts on an analog television. CEA's survey found only 11% of television households--approximately 13 million--are solely over-the-air households, indicating that NTIA has sufficient converter box coupons to meet potential demand. 


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