Miele Introduces Induction Cooktops
Feb 6, 2008
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Miele will launch induction cooktops in North America in April 2008 with a sneak preview at the International Builders' Show in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 13-16. Legendary in Europe, Miele will set a new standard for precision control in the induction appliance category in the United States and Canada with the introduction of two new cooktops: a four zone 30-in unit (model KM 5753) and a larger five zone 36-in unit (model KM 5773).  

"Induction offers savvy chefs and discriminating homeowners the best of both gas and electric combining precise performance with the ease of cleaning a smooth, flat façade," saysOliver Schmidt, induction cooktop category Product Manager for Miele, Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey.  "While on the surface, most induction cooktops look the same - there are many hidden benefits engineered right into the Miele design. From our unique sensor controls and programming functions to the modular internal construction the new Miele induction cooktops raise the bar for induction in the U.S."

Miele's Power Boosters reduce cooking times by raising the temperature setting to its maximum for ten-minute intervals. Every zone has a booster available and these powerful cooktops can operate with 2-3 boosters simultaneously. Miele's induction cooktop performance is so fast that cool tap water instantly begins to heat when the booster function is selected. Even a very large vessel of cold water will boil long before the booster's ten-minute interval is complete.

Miele's other induction features include:

  • Sensor Controls provide precise heat control with a featherlike touch. Located underneath the ceramic surface, the control area has a smooth, flat finish that is very easy to keep clean.
  • Stop and Go Function immediately reduces the power level of all active cooking zones to a simmer so that the user can leave the cooktop for a moment (e.g., to answer the phone).  When selected again all elements resume there previous settings.
  • Auto Heat-Up gives an initial boost to the normal power output to bring the pan up to temperature rapidly. The heat then reduces automatically to the chosen output for continued cooking.
  • Programmable Functions allow homeowners to customize their Miele induction cooktop's timer and power range, audible tones and safety locks.
  • Cookware Recognition will only activate an element when a suitable magnetic metal pan is placed on it. The size of the pan is recognized and heat is only generated by the circumference of the pan thereby saving energy and time.
  • Hot Zone Control recognizes when a pan is removed from an active zone and automatically switches the zone off, guaranteeing safe, easy operation.
  • Protection Against Overheating automatically senses if empty cookware is heated, or if grease or oil is heated at a high power level, and then reduces the power level or even turns off if it is affecting the elements.
  • Spill-Over Control recognizes if a liquid spills over or if a dishtowel is left on the controls to prevent accidental burning.
  • Residual Heat Indicators display a symbol for each cooking zone to show whether it is still hot. Although the heating element is not the heat source – long-term heat from the cookware transfers to the Ceran surface.
  • Memory Program (available on model KM 5773) can be used to store up to five favorite meals to ensure the same great results time after time.
  • Timer can be set from 1-99 minutes for any of the zones or other applications… such as a kitchen timer. The zone switches off automatically at the end of the selected time duration, making cooking easy and safe.
  • Safety Switch Off provides an extra safety precaution and switches itself off after a pre-programmed maximum operating time - depending on the power level being used.
  • System / Child Safety Lock prevents any unwanted setting changes and also prevents children from operating the cooktop.

The cooktops retail for $2,099 - $3,099.

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