LG Electronics Launches Celebrity Designer Program Integrating Home Technology and Interior Design
Jan 30, 2008
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Celebrity interior designer Doug Wilson is working with LG Electronics to help consumers by offering tips and ideas on how to "techorate" their homes by melding consumer electronics with interior design. Techorate is a term coined by LG Electronics that refers to the integration of technology into the overall decorative theme of a home.

Wilson, perhaps best known for showcasing his design expertise on TLC's "Trading Spaces," is working with LG Electronics as the first official "Techorator" to develop consumer tips and tricks to guide them through the techorating process. 

LG's consumer research also found that nearly half of Americans (47%) find understanding the functions and features of new television models to be challenging. Wilson will address this and other consumer needs by highlighting common issues consumers have when purchasing home electronics--such as how to blend electronics and design to reflect their personal style, selecting the right size television for a room's space, and how to choose between plasma and LCD, in addition to offering helpful guidelines for techorating.

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