Super Bowl to Drive More than 2 Million in HDTV Sales
Jan 29, 2008
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Super Bowl XLII is expected to drive the purchase of approximately 2.4 million high-definition television (HDTV) units, according to the third annual "Sports and Technology" survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Sports Video Group (SVG).

The Super Bowl has retained the title of top driver for HDTV purchases for three years running, generating some US$2.2 billion in HDTV sales this year alone. This year's survey results show the Super Bowl is followed by college bowl games, the World Series, NBA Finals, and NCAA March Madness as drivers of HDTV purchases. The true impact of these sporting events on CE sales is even higher when factoring in consumer purchases of high-def accessories such as HDMI cables, universal remotes, surround sound audio systems and mounting brackets.

"We have long known the Super Bowl influences HDTV unit sales," said Tim Herbert, CEA's senior director of market research. "We are now finding ties to other technologies consumers use to enhance their Super Bowl experience. This year, 18% of consumers watching the game expect to have a laptop PC nearby to check stats, IM with friends, or check betting lines. Another 12% plan to use a PC in another room to check statistics during the game and 13% expect to use their mobile phone for the same purpose."

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