National Restaurant Association Announces 2008 Kitchen Innovations Award Recipients
Jan 17, 2008
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The National Restaurant Association announced recipients of the 2008 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award. Each of the products will be showcased at the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show at Chicago's McCormick Place, May 17-20.

The 2008 Kitchen Innovations Award recipients include:

The EnduraHeat Transport Carts by Carter-Hoffmann, a Middleby Company. The product is a heat retention system based on a patented solid to solid phase change technology that disperses heat up to two hours after being charged and unplugged, providing flexibility for heated transport of bulk food and/or pre-plated meals, while eliminating the need for canned fuels.

Electrolux Professional NA, S90 Full Surface Induction Range, a full surface induction range that has four adjustable temperature zones with one 5kW induction coil per zone. The 33-in wide surface allows an operator to use up to 16 pots simultaneously, maximizing the productivity of hood and floor space.

Frymaster's Protector  Fryer with SMART4U technology that has a 30 lb frypot that uses 40% less oil, but has the production capacity equal to 50 lb frypots. It automatically monitors frypot oil levels, replenishes oil as needed, and alerts the operator when the in-cabinet jug-in-box (JIB) oil supply needs changing.

The Garland Restaurant Range and its patent-pending, gas delivery design uses a venture and porting configuration that equalizes the heating around the burner thereby avoiding "hot spots." The consistent, even heating enables the operator to create improved quality and patron satisfaction.

The Garland HE Broiler, with continuous sparking to ensure constant flame and has no standing pilots that need to be shut down or restarted, or temperatures needing to be re-established. Gas is turned off electrically and when relit, is turned on to the same pre-set temperatures across the burners.

Henny Penny Corp.'s WaveClean Automated Cleaning System in SmartCombi, an automated two-in-one, clean-and-rinse, cartridge system that self cleans and will power off at the end of the cycle. There are three different cleaning programs using the same minimal water by recycling.

Vulcan C24EA3-C24EA5 Counter Steamer that has a smart drain/power flush system. The interaction of the sloped bottom and timed power flush create the Venturri Effect that increase the velocity and rids the accumulation of mineral deposits and need for frequent de-liming.

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