NKBA, GE Recognize Green Designers
Jul 17, 2008
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GE Appliances is sponsoring a new award category in the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Design Competition. Recognizing the importance of sustainability in kitchen design, the Best Sustainable Kitchen Award will honor those designers who have created the most environmentally-responsible kitchens throughout the year.

"GE Monogram is proud to sponsor this new, important category in the NKBA Design Competition," said Merrell Grant, GM of GE Monogram. "Acknowledging the need for more sustainable kitchens that include energy-efficient appliances and lighting, which help to reduce energy consumption in the home, GE Monogram is extremely pleased to recognize those designers who fully embrace sustainability by incorporating 'green' elements throughout their kitchens."

In its 37th year, the NKBA Design Competition is open to NKBA members, celebrating their design skills in planning safe, functional, and personalized spaces. The 2008 competition received a record number of entries-nearly 600 projects from across the United States and Canada. A panel of nine NKBA-certified designers evaluates each project using five key criteria: visual appeal, creativity, elements and principles of design, presentation, and safety and ergonomics. The 2009 Call for Entries will be announced by the NKBA later this summer.

In addition, GE will once again sponsor the NKBA Student Charette, a competition that awards more than US$20,000 in scholarships to design students from NKBA Accredited and Supported colleges. Given a list of GE appliance specifications, the kitchen floorplan, and the homeowner's wish list, students are allotted only three hours to design the perfect kitchen that meets all the client's needs using the available appliances in the space provided.

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