Sharp Launches New Campaign
Jul 16, 2008
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Sharp will launch a large national marketing campaign that highlights an expanded brand focus, highlighting its core strengths in LCDs and solar electricity.

The ad campaign is designed to send a message that Sharp's products and innovations “can help change consumers' lives in different ways — from providing clean energy sources to improving the experience of watching a Major League Baseball game at home.”

“LCD TV continues to be one of the premier technologies for Sharp and is the cornerstone that Sharp built its brand around,” stated Doug Koshima, Sharp Electronics chairman and CEO. “This new marketing initiative reinforces this message but also shows that as the company evolves, we are increasing our commitment to the solar industry and becoming a company that provides energy-saving and energy-creating products for consumers and businesses.”

The campaign will target print, broadcast and online vehicles, with the first phase focusing on Sharp’s Aquos LCD TVs. This will involve an MLB-themed commercial, showing Aquos as “the ultimate ticket for a baseball fan, providing the viewer with the best seat in the house for the game,” the company said.

It includes the campaign tagline, “Change your TV, Change your Life,” with the aim of encouraging consumers to “improve a part of their lives by improving the television experience.” The 30-second television spot began airing May 19 on national broadcast and cable networks.

Accompanying print and online components are also out now in support of Sharp's MLB sponsorship, and its status of Aquos LCD TVs as the official HDTV of MLB.

Also being leveraged is a micro site and a supporting online advertising campaign, including a Facebook application.

A Sharp spokesperson said the company's ad spending this year “will be comparable to what it spent in previous years (in the tens of millions of dollars). However, this is the first time part of the budget has been put toward a national solar TV commercial.”

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