Greenpeace Rates Consumer Electronics Companies
Dec 3, 2007
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Greenpeace, the environmental advocacy group, ranked Sony Ericsson as the most environmentally responsible electronics maker. At the same time, it was negative about Microsoft for poor e-waste management efforts and high levels of toxic materials in its electronics products.

Greenpeace's "Guide to Greener Electronics" ranks 18 leading electronics manufacturers on efforts to eliminate toxic substances from products and other efforts to be environmentally responsible. It considers manufacturers' efforts to curtail the use of materials such as vinyl plastics (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from products. It also examines the companies' other efforts, including various product takeback initiatives and discarded product recycling efforts.

Sony Ericsson received the first-place ranking because it plans to have all BFRs removed from its products by the start of 2008, and also because all its handsets have been free of PVC plastic since 2006. However, the company was penalized because it provided inaccurate information to consumers regarding its handset recycling efforts. According to Greenpeace, investigators found that product takeback programs advertised in Thailand, Russia, Argentina, and India were nonexistent.

Companies that received low scores on the Green Scorecard provide little or no information on the toxic materials found within their electronics products, or such products contain high levels of such materials, according to Greenpeace. Low scores can also be a result of a lack of effective product takeback and recycling efforts on the part of companies.

The rankings are based on publicly available information, as well as Greenpeace communications with the manufacturers about recycling and product takeback programs.

The Greenpeace scorecard ranking is:

  • Sony Ericsson, up from second place in the last edition of the guide
  • Samsung, up from eighth
  • Sony, up from sixth
  • Dell, down from third-place tie with Lenovo
  • Lenovo, down from third-place tie with Dell
  • Toshiba, up from 10th
  • LG Electronics, down from fifth
  • Fujitsu-Siemens, down from eighth
  • Nokia, down from the number-one slot
  • HP, up from 13th
  • Apple, up from the 12th-place tie with Acer
  • Acer, down from the 12th-place tie with Apple
  • Panasonic, up from 14th
  • Motorola, down from ninth place
  • Sharp, first time in the ranking
  • Microsoft, first time in the ranking
  • Phillips, first time in the ranking
  • Nintendo, first time in the ranking

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