Launches Wireless Reader
Nov 28, 2007
 Print this page introduced its own portable wireless reader that downloads books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs over Sprint’s EV-DO cellular network. No subscriptions for the wireless connectivity are required.

The paperback-sized product, named Kindle, uses e Ink Corp.'s electronic ink and paper technology to display text and black-and-white images on a reflective 6-inch, 600 x 800-pixel screen. The device weighs 10.3 ounces, can store 200 titles on its 250 MB of onboard flash memory, and its battery can hold a charge for two days with the wireless feature on and seven days with it off, Amazon said.

Content is available at Amazon’s new Kindle Store, where users can browse, buy, and download books and other materials using the reader’s keypad, scroll wheel, and push-button interface. Users can increase and decrease the font size of the text, and can add annotations or bookmarks using the keyboard. It comes preloaded with the New Oxford American Dictionary, and all purchased content also resides on Amazon servers, allowing users to delete titles from the device to free up space and retrieve them at a latter date.

The reader is available at for US$399.

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