AIM Global Launches RFID Consumer Awareness Campaign
Nov 14, 2007
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Recognizing the need in the marketplace to dramatically increase positive public perception of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, AIM Global, the industry association and advocate for supporting innovation and growth in automatic identification and mobility technologies, launched a RFID outreach initiative in the United States to educate the general public and policy makers about the consumer benefits of RFID technologies. The campaign will also provide examples of consumer-oriented RFID applications, dispel myths promoting public concern about the technology, and correct inaccuracies and misperceptions about the usage of RFID in society today.

The outreach initiative, already underway carries the overarching theme of "RFID:  Making the World a Better Place," and focuses on the convenience, safety, and security that RFID brings to consumers' daily lives.

The program spotlights a wide range of RFID applications, consumer benefits, and ongoing industry activities for self-regulation.  AIM Global intends to showcase the viability and versatility of RFID technologies in familiar environments, and illustrate how RFID is already improving consumer quality of life through such innovations as the automated payment of toll road fees and public transit fares, the authentication of prescription medications, food safety and homeland security enhancements, the quick check-out of library materials, and the tracking of the locations and progress of participants in marathons and other races.

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