Energy Efficiency Ranks #1 in Consumer Green Building
Nov 6, 2007
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A survey conducted for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) confirms that a desire for greater energy efficiency drives consumers to choose a green-built home. The voluntary National Green Building program, based on the three-year-old NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines, will launch Feb. 14, 2008, at the International Builders' Show in Orlando, FL, U.S.

The survey was conducted the week of Oct. 15 by national polling firm Public Opinion Strategies. When 800 registered voters were asked how important certain items would be in their decision to either purchase a new green home or remodel their current home to be more green, nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers polled said that "reduced energy costs" would be the most important. The second-highest scoring reason, at 55%, was "because it would be healthier." And 49% of those surveyed say it's "the right thing to do for the environment."

To be certified under the NAHB program, homes must meet energy-efficiency levels that are at least equivalent to Energy Star. Since 2000, 750,000 homes have earned the Energy Star label, indicating that they are at least 15% more efficient than required by current energy codes.

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