AnyDATA Corp. Launches Smallest Personal Locating Device
Jan 3, 2007
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AnyDATA Corporation today launched its newest product, the AGT-100D, a CDMA wireless GPS personal location device. The AGT-100D can be tracked using any existing Internet-based web application that currently uses assisted-GPS (AGPS) services for tracking. AGPS service is the same service used today for E911 location of cell phones by CDMA carriers, but now is commercially available for personal location devices. The AGT-100D is one of the first CDMA data devices to use the AGPS services for personal asset tracking.

Because of the low price and very small size of the AGT-100D, the company says that it can be used as a personal asset tag for locating people as well as valuable personal assets. The people-applications include locating your child, parent, employee, or a health-impaired person. Even family pets can be located. The personal-asset applications include locating all your mobile assets transported in a vehicle, or the location of the vehicle itself.

Laptop personal computers and Smartphones can now run a tracking software application to access the location of the AGT-100D tag. More location technologies are said to soon emerge to further enhance the uses of the AGT-100D.

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