Digital Radio Shipments Forecast to Grow 500% in 5 Years
Jan 2, 2007
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Digital TV will go mainstream in some of the biggest global markets in 2007 and digital radio is not far behind.  Research firm In-Stat said today that the conversion from analog radio to digital radio is well underway around the world and quickly gaining momentum.  It predicts the market for digital radio receivers will grow from 5 million units in 2005 to almost 25 million unit shipments in 2010.

"The primary factors contributing to this expected growth are falling receiver prices, an increase in the amount of compelling digital programming, significant boosts in promotion and advertising of digital radio, and enhanced functionality of digital radio receivers,” said Stephanie Ethier, an analyst for the research firm. "Opportunities abound for retailers, broadcasters, automobile OEMs, and receiver manufacturers alike."

Recent research by In-Stat found that, by the end of 2006:

  • XM hit 8 million subscribers
  • Sirius hit 6.3 million subscribers
  • 73 percent of respondents to U.S. consumer survey were aware of HD radio on some level
  • in Europe, primarily the United Kingdom, digital audio broadcasting is the pervasive form of radio, with DAB radio receiver shipments outpacing analog radio receiver shipments

A report form the research firm, More Consumers to Tune Into Digital Radio in 2007, includes five-year unit shipment, ASP and revenue forecasts for digital terrestrial and digital satellite radios.

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