Option N.V. and Cingular Release Newest Laptop Card
Dec 21, 2006
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Option N.V. and Cingular Wireless today announced that the newest version of Option's GlobeTrotter GT MAX HSDPA laptop card is now available for purchase from Cingular.

Along with providing global mobile data roaming in more than 115 countries (with access to mobile broadband connections in more than two dozen countries), the card includes Advanced Receiver Technology, offering peak theoretical data rates of up to 3.6Mbps on HSDPA networks. As well as its leading performance, Option's GT MAX series features a retractable flip-out antenna making the card convenient for customers to both transport and use. The Option GT Max 3.6 enables users to access email, the Internet and business applications whether they are traveling across town or around the world.

The Option GT Max card allows users to connect to Cingular’s 3G BroadbandConnect or EDGE service in the U.S. or to data networks around the world. Cingular's 3G BroadbandConnect network is available in 145 major metropolitan areas and continues to expand coverage to additional markets in and around major cities. Cingular's 3G BroadbandConnect network provides average downlink speeds of 400 - 700 Kbps with bursts to more than 1Mbps and uplink speeds to 384 Kbps. With the 3G service, customers can download a 1MB file in about 15 seconds. When traveling outside of Cingular's 3G BroadbandConnect coverage area, the Option GT Max 3.6 works on Cingular's EDGE network which is available in more than 13,000 cities and towns and along more than 40,000 miles of highway.

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