AHAM Responds to President Obama
Feb 10, 2009
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President Barack Obama called for new appliance efficiency standards last week and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers responded with a measure of support - and a reminder of the complexities of standards-making. "The old adage, haste makes waste, rings true here. DOE must evaluate energy savings, consumer costs, technological feasibility, and product performance in order to generate responsible appliance efficiency requirements," AHAM said in a statement. "They need sufficient resources to do this job properly."

In his Feb. 5th memorandum, and in a speech delivered at the Department of Energy that day, President Obama called for new energy efficiency standards for home appliances. AHAM said it looks forward to working with the Obama administration to further enhance appliance efficiency. The association, which is currently engaged with DOE on several appliance efficiency standards rulemakings, also voiced its support for efforts to ensure DOE meets its deadlines.

"Our industry has a long history of working with the Department of Energy and environmental advocacy groups on bringing the most efficient appliances to market," AHAM said. "This includes an historic agreement on energy and water efficiency for residential clothes washers and dishwashers included in the 2007 Energy Act Policy Act."

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