HDTV Sets and Laptops Top Holiday Wish Lists
Oct 11, 2007
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Three-in-four (76%) have at least one digital lifestyle product on their wish lists leading up to the Christmas season, according to a national survey of 1200 American consumers by Solutions Research Group.

The top ten wish list items overall were:

  1. flat screen high definition TV set - on the wish list of 35%
  2. laptop (windows) (20%)
  3. digital camera (17%)
  4. desktop PC (14%)
  5. GPS navigation unit for the car (10%)
  6. cell phone (10%)
  7. digital video camera (9%)
  8. Nintendo Wii (9%)
  9. Sony PS3 (7%)
  10. Blu-ray or HD-DVD player (6%)

HD-capable flat screen TVs were number one among all population subgroups, with 35% of mentions. Yet, most of those HD sets will not deliver true HD to their owners, as only 2% also intend to get a HD box from their cable or satellite company.

Apple's iPhone was ranked #15 overall. The hottest Apple-branded product was a laptop, ranked #11 overall and #9 among women.


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