Whirlpool Launches Digital Photo Frame Connection for Refrigerator
Oct 10, 2007
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Whirlpool Corp. has launched the Whirlpool brand centralpark connection, which allows consumers to show photos with CEIVA, a connected digital photo frame on a Whirlpool brand refrigerator.

The centralpark connection with the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame, available at Best Buy, allows one to display thousands of pictures without a magnet.

"With the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame, consumers can have fresh pictures and food each day, while keeping the refrigerator door free of clutter," said Mark Hamilton, director, centralpark system new business development. "The new centralpark connection plug-and-play platform is the ultimate choice for consumers who want devices integrated with appliances and the flexibility to use the refrigerator with or without them."

Photo frame functionality includes the ability to receive pictures sent via a wireless connection, as well as from a camera, with a CEIVA PicturePlan subscription.

CEIVA, Inc. is the inventor of the digital photo frame and provider of the connected Digital Photo Frames. Designed for the centralpark connection, the frame is wi-fi ready and features an 8-in. high-resolution LCD screen with a built-in card reader and on-screen menus. The CEIVA digital picture frame is available at Best Buy for US$249.

The side-by-side refrigerator will be available in monochromatic stainless steel for $1999 at Best Buy.

The CEIVA Digital Photo Frame and refrigerator are sold separately.

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