Study: Manufacturers Waste Money in Compliance Efforts
Dec 12, 2006
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Despite stepped-up efforts, many manufacturers are throwing away money in their attempts to comply with government product content regulations, according to a new study co-sponsored by Dassault Systèmes. The solution, the study suggests, is working smarter.

The Product Compliance Benchmark Report: Protecting the Environment, Protecting Profits, found that most companies lack a sustainable, repeatable compliance process that can scale with the complexity of the compliance landscape.

According to Jim Brown, the report’s author and vice president of Aberdeen’s product innovation and engineering practice, many companies’ approaches to ensuring compliance have left them at a high risk of noncompliance, which can result in an inability to sell in global markets, unmet customer mandates, blocked shipments, and associated revenue loss. He goes on to say that compliance performance depends more on implementing best practices and an appropriate compliance architecture than on effort and investment.

The report also documents the business benefits obtained by top-performing companies in the compliance arena, including fewer stopped shipments and product recalls.

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