Gateway One Introduced
Oct 1, 2007
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Gateway unveiled the Gateway One all-in-one desktop, the first in what will be a family of computers and peripherals designed to fit and operate anywhere in a home.

The three SKU Gateway One line is intended for use in non-traditional areas of a home where the consumer would want a relatively small, yet fully functional, desktop computer capable of performing tasks ranging from email to watching TV. All three models are centered on a 19W-in. LCD that along with the rest of the front panel of the computer acts as a speaker using NXT flat-panel speaker technology. Another new feature is the "smart" power brick that not only powers the unit, but contains four USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, and S/PDIF Audio. This reduces the number of cables attached to the PC itself to just one, with the rest hiding on the floor with a power brick.

The computers are priced at US$1,299, $1,599 and $1,799.

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