Talyst Launches Refrigerated Storage for Pharmacies
Dec 7, 2006
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Pharmacy automation OEM Talyst (Bellevue, Washington, U.S.), this week launched its AutoCool™ access-controlled, refrigerated storage unit, said to be the first product designed to combine access control with a hospital pharmacy’s real-time inventory system. The patent-pending unit is driven by the AutoPharm® software platform that integrates pharmacy bar coding, storage, inventory, ordering, and clinical systems.

“When a single vial of an injectible drug can have a value in the hundreds, even thousands of dollars, managing inventory based on real-time data becomes critical,” noted James E. Torina, president and chief executive officer.

The system provides access to 84 separate compartments, each of which can be used for single or multiple doses of refrigerated medications. Those compartments are automatically rotated to appear behind seven secured doors that have automated lock releases and lighted indicators.  The system limits access to a single line item and provides an audit trail for all storage and retrieval activities. Pick-to-light indicators direct staff through stocking and picking activities.  The unit is designed to control refrigerated inventory in the central pharmacy or in satellite locations, and multiple units can be used together.  It is designed for constant temperature control and remote temperature sensing.  Talyst says the unit is built for it by a global leader in hospital refrigeration equipment and service.

The system was unveiled at the Mid-Year Clinical Meeting of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), at California's Anaheim Convention Center. The unit is scheduled to begin shipping in July 2007.

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