Air Purification to Eliminate Microbial Bacteria and Toxic Chemicals
Dec 1, 2006
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World Energy Solutions, Inc. announced today the completion of its initial design work on its proprietary Air Purification and Sterilization System to Eliminate Microbial Bacteria and Toxic Chemicals. WES plans to commercialize this system that will not only purify the air of microorganisms but also rid indoor environments of chemical contaminants. World Energy Solutions, Inc. controls the exclusive worldwide rights to this technology for the next 17 years.

The University of Florida recently transferred its proprietary pure air technology to WES. World Energy Solutions, Inc. design criteria includes eventually making this technology available for commercial buildings, government buildings, the military, residential homes, as well as vehicles.
WES feels very strongly that this system can improve the quality of life for millions of asthma- and allergy-sufferers and can also deliver effective protection against bio-terrorism by completely clearing the air of all microorganisms and chemical contaminants. The company asserts that applications for eliminating gaseous chemicals and microorganisms from indoor environments are manifold. The advantages to this technology is that it is capable of completely destroying microbial bacteria, avoiding growth and accumulation of harmful microbes on surfaces and preventing possible further contamination. Indoor air and contaminated surfaces containing microbes and chemicals can be treated simultaneously, avoiding the need for two separate systems, increasing simplicity and decreasing costs. This technology is a two-stage system that provides treatment mechanisms for microorganisms suspended in the air or present on the surface of an air handling system. The system effectively removes trace levels of organic compounds that can be present in indoor environments by converting these to sterile air and water. This system is safer than others by eliminating the need to discard harmful contaminants trapped on a filter.

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