Dimplex North America Launches New Electric Grill
Sep 17, 2007
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Dimplex North America introduces the PowerChef Electric Grill. While conventional electric grills use indirect heating to cook, with the heating element buried below the cooking grid, PowerChef's cooking system combines a searing element with a lower cooking element. It also has electronic control panel to help take the guesswork out of grilling. 

PowerChef's cooking system, with active dual element technology, sears while it cooks by transferring heat directly to the food.  The upper stainless steel cooking grid actively heats to the perfect searing temperature to lock in juices and flavor.  At the same time, the lower cooking element does the rest of the work providing precise, even heat. You can control the grill manually and with a simple flip, the dual element cooking grid converts to a rotisserie element.  This feature eliminates flare-ups, meaning perfectly cooked, juicy roasts every time.


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