Miele Introduces Touch-Screen Coffee
Nov 29, 2006
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Miele announced the launch of the CVA 4070. The CVA 4070 is the fourth generation of Miele built-in coffee systems with new features including an easy touch-screen control system, automatic frothing feature, an option to bypass the premium conical grinder with pre-ground beans, the option to use a water pitcher or plumb in directly to a water line, and an adjustable dispensing spout to accommodate both mugs and cups.

The automated frothing program allows milk to steam or froth automatically, no need to hold the cup at an angle or do anything but give the touch-screen, command to get frothing milk directly from the pitcher into a waiting cup. The pitcher can be stored in the refrigerator in between uses and is dishwasher safe.

The CVA 4070 provides a whole bean grinder bypass option so that a scoop of ground coffee can be added to allow for personalized possibilities. The coffee system is designed to with a dispenser module that lifts up for large mugs, and slides down to accommodate the smaller espresso cups. The dual dispenser can even do two cups or one at a time. It can be installed anywhere, as it does not require its own water line, (just fill the pitcher) or, a dedicated waterline can be added (after Jan. 1, 2007) for a unit that is totally “plumbed in.”

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