Panasonic Introduces Plug-in Ethernet Adaptor
Nov 13, 2006
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Panasonic introduced today a power line Ethernet adaptor that can create a powerful, high-speed local area network anywhere in the home by simply plugging into a wall outlet. The BL-PA100 adaptor, available in Japan on Dec. 9, uses "HD-PLC" technology to achieve physical layer data rates of 190 Mbps and seamless and secure communication that can coexist with other electric or radio devices used in the home.

As the number of broadband connections in homes increases, there is a demand for greater ease in setting up devices and establishing networks as well as higher security.

The new Panasonic compact adaptor provides the solution for these concerns and needs. As the adaptor uses existing power lines, it does not require room-to-room cabling to establish a local area network. Unlike wireless network, the "HD-PLC" network is said to be stable and robust, able to seamlessly transmit a large amount of data such as high-definition video and streaming music content. With its AES 128-bit encryption, the BL-PA100 adaptor also provides the same level of protection given by most Internet banking and shopping sites.

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