ARI Chairman to Call Upon Industry to Address Global Energy and Environmental Challenges
Aug 20, 2007
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At the International Congress of Refrigeration in Beijing on Aug. 22, Robert Wilkins, President of Danfoss, Inc. and 2007 Chairman of the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), will make a clear call to action for the residential and commercial air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration industry. He will appeal to the delegates for greater research and technology development to help solve the world's energy and environmental challenges. 

The global air-conditioning and refrigeration industry has a vital mandate to address energy supply, efficiency, and environmental challenges through increased research and innovation, according to Wilkins. Historically, actions by this industry have led to revolutionary benefits for societies worldwide. These improvements to quality of life include dramatic lessening of environmental impact of refrigerants; increased global workplace productivity through indoor comfort and health; greatly increased access to fresher food supplies through commercial and mobile refrigeration; and significantly improved safety and longevity of medical supplies through refrigeration.

Wilkins will outline a vision of an industry energy and environmental program based on four tenets:  Energy efficiency, responsible refrigerant use, standards development, and performance certification. He will emphasize that performance certification--ensuring the use of ARI Performance Certified products--will speed up the globalization of industry standards. 

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