Arçelik Markets 20-Minute Dishwasher
Nov 1, 2006
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Turkish appliance maker Arçelik says it has developed “the world’s fastest dishwasher.” The dishwasher, model 6271 E, has a 12-place setting capacity and can wash a full load in 58 minutes. The dishwasher also offers the Super Mini 20-minute, 35°C program for six place settings.
The appliance features an LCD screen and keeps chosen program and functions in its memory to remind the user of the settings. An Autosense Sensor System determines the degree of soiling on the dishes and automatically adjusts wash time, water temperature and water fill level. An Extra Drying Function quickly dries dishes and is said to give them a shiny appearance. A special upper basket height adjustment allows users to adjust the basket with just one movement, even if the basket is full.

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