NAFEM Tool Determines Commercial Appliances Life Cycle
Nov 8, 2006
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Commercial foodservice equipment association NAFEM introduced two tools to assist industry professionals as they consider commercial foodservice equipment life cycles and total cost of ownership. The Life Cycle Model Tools are free on the NAFEM Web site at

NAFEM says the tools were developed through an all-industry effort, led by the association's Technical Liaison Committee.

The tools are intended to help establish common understanding of the many elements that impact equipment life expectancies and total cost of ownership. More specifically, for operators, the tools provide data other than price as they make purchasing decisions.

For manufacturers, the goal is to discover what factors have the biggest impact on total cost of ownership, in order to make better decisions on selling or pricing and to come up with the ideal marketing picture.

"We are very proud to introduce these tools," says NAFEM President Carol P. Wallace, CFSP, President/CEO, Cooper-Atkins Corporation, Middlefield, Conn. "The results represent contributions from nearly 100 foodservice professionals, including consultants, dealers, operators, representatives, service agents, utilities and manufacturers over a 2-year development process."

The tools are presented as an Excel spreadsheet in two forms:

  • a Full version, designed to identify all operating costs
  • a Condensed version, intended to help weigh whether to repair or replace

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