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Nov 3, 2006
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Globalization means that appliance production and appliance markets are increasingly geographically dispersed. This was one of the topics of a presentation by APPLIANCE magazine Editor Tim Somheil during the 2006 Forecasting & Global Marketing Conference, presented by the Association for Manufacturing Technology in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., October 5-6. The white paper from this presentation is now available for download on the Web site.

The theme of this year's AMT forecasting conference was "Finding Growth Opportunities in an Uncertain Environment." Somheil's presentation, Regulation and Globalization Impacts on Manufacturing Appliances, sought to identify how these issues are creating real movement in appliance manufacturing hubs.

The presentation also talked about the challenges of global regulations that, in many cases, appear to be growing less harmonized. These include the unresolved confusion over inconsistent, nation-by-nation RoHS legislation in Europe and the rising specter of costly state-by-state appliance regulations in the U.S.

The presentation identified the growth in new, lower-cost appliance manufacturing centers. China is in no danger of losing the top spot as the world's go-to source for low-cost appliance production; however, other manufacturing opportunities are opening up around the world, and most of them are showing expanding appliance markets as well. These include Turkey, Poland, Vietnam, and India to name a few. Also highlighted were some of the ambitious companies with the potential to make a major impact on the global appliance industry in the coming years, such as China's Haier and India's Videocon.

The presentation also pointed out new manufacturing investment occurring now in North America and Western Europe.

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