Vending Customers with Credit Cards Spend More
Nov 6, 2006
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Consumers on average spend 32 percent more per vending transaction when using a credit card, according to a survey results made public at a USA Technologies cashless vending education session at the NAMA National Vending Expo in Orlando, Florida, U.S. last week.

The survey results showed consumers using credit cards spend:

  • 35.1 percent more on beverages
  • 34.2 percent on snacks
  • 17.5 percent on food

    USA Technologies based the results on a survey of over 1.5 million transactions from 1,100 cashless vending machines in major markets over the past 3 months.

    "Consumers are using their credit cards in increasing numbers when purchasing from vending machines. More innovative vending operators are discovering the multiple benefits of adopting cashless vending to improve their business performance, and the list of major brand customers offering consumers the convenience of cashless vending is growing," said Wendy Jenkins, vice president of marketing for USA Technologies.

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