Enodis UK: Merrychef Awarded & Scotsman Unveils New Technology
Nov 3, 2006
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Merrychef Ltd, part of the Enodis UK Food Service Group, emerged triumphant from the national Excellence in Catering Equipment & Supplies Awards today when the company received an award for its innovative EC402S high speed microwave assisted impinger oven.

Merrychef topped the Microwave Ovens and Induction Hobs category, after facing stiff competition from top companies including MCS Tech and Valera.

The Catering Update Equipment & Supplies Awards recognizes innovation and enterprise in the development of professional catering equipment and supplies. The judges look for fresh thinking, advances in design, cost effectiveness in use, and innovative application of technology.

The EC402S is the first high speed microwave assisted impinger oven to be designed and produced in the UK. A combination of convection heat, high pressure impingement air and up to 1500 watts of microwave power means the oven cooks up to 15 times faster than conventional convection ovens with typical cook times between 15 seconds and one minute and 30 seconds. A built-in dual catalytic converter system eliminates the need for a ventilation hood, so the oven can operate in virtually any environment.

Scotsman Beverage Systems, part of the Enodis UK Food Service Group, is upping the ante in the race to deliver super chilled beers and lagers with the unveiling of its newest cooling technology at Brau.

The company, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of drink cooling and dispense equipment, has developed Glykool, a range of glycol-based, super-low-temperature beer cooling systems designed to chill drinks efficiently to between 0 and 3°C at the point of dispense without the need for individual under-shelf coolers.

Glykool offers flexible, scalable solutions to meet the needs of purveyors everywhere, from a country pub serving a couple of super-low-temperature beers, to busy city center bars with multiple extra cold dispense points. The benefits are colder drinks, the ability to run condensating fonts from the same system, more free space, and less heat behind the bar.

Glykool is a highly reliable system built around six different sized units with the option of additional refrigeration packs and / or dry blocks or heat exchanger pods to provide booster cooling at the tap, depending on the model. A single Glykool system can super chill all the drinks in a bar to the same temperature or to clusters of pre-set temperatures.

The Glykool range starts with the 110 model, a 12 liter glycol capacity, 15cc compressor, medium volume unit suitable for one or two super cool products in a bar. The largest unit in the range is the Glykool 300, a 180 liter glycol capacity, three bath unit that offers different product temperature settings and up to 36 coils.

The first products released to trade are the Glykool 110 and Glykool 130+ models, with the full range available early in 2007. The 130+ model evaporates the glycol at –6°C, rather than –10°C for water, delivering an estimated 20 percent greater refrigeration capacity and significantly better performance. The larger Glykool 200 and 300 models are modular units based on the use of easy to change power packs. The capacity of each Glykool system can be built up through adding multiple power packs, giving a much simpler way of dealing with refrigeration.

Because Glykool is designed to be a very flexible solution, Scotsman Beverage Systems has developed the Glykool Calculator that calculates the maximum load in terms of the total wattage output of the pub’s existing installation and recommends which Glykool unit or combination of units will best service that load. This unique calculator avoids the danger of under or over-specifying the size of glycol system required to meet the bar’s needs.

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