Design Excellence Award for Gorenje Pininfarina Fridge-Freezer
Oct 25, 2006
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At the 20th Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO 20), the CSID Design Excellence Award went to the Gorenje Pininfarina fridge freezer, which was designed by Gorenje, in cooperation with the world-renowned designer, Pininfarina, famous for designing Ferraris. The jury was “impressed by the stylish design of the freestanding fridge freezer with an outstanding brushed aluminum door, touch control screen and ‘quick view’ function.”

The entire Gorenje Pininfarina range is fashioned in brushed aluminum, with vertical black glass panes disguising a myriad of technology, including display screens and touch control panels. There are no buttons, handles or knobs to distract from the design; everything is concealed beneath the elegant lines of the appliances. Using aluminum, glass and control panels that illuminate when touched, Pininfarina and Gorenje have created a range of appliances that are not only a joy to cook with, but are also a work of art.

The 20th Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO 20) is an international exhibition of well-designed products, visual communications and design concepts held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, since 1963. The exhibition is organized by the BIO Secretariat, which operates under the auspices of the Architectural Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The objective of the exhibition is to showcase current movements in contemporary design from all over the world. The organizers wish to present innovative, designer products that seek answers to the problems of modern life, and which are oriented towards sustainable development and social responsibility, and satisfy the special needs of users. BIO 20 is endorsed by BEDA (The Bureau of European Design Associations), ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) and ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations).

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