Positive 2007 Forecast for Hand-Held Outdoor Power Equipment
Jul 27, 2007
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Despite uncertain economic conditions and high gas prices in the U.S., most gasoline-powered hand-held appliances will experience positive shipments during MY 2007 (January-December 2007), according to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI).

With the exception of chain saws, hand-held blower shipments will grow by 1.9% during MY 2007 (January-December 2007).  The 1.1% slide in hand-held blower shipments predicted for MY 2008 will be the first decline since 1997. Backpack blower shipments during MY 2007 will increase 4.8%, and expand another 5.2% in MY 2008. 

Trimmers are expected to experience a 4.3% growth in MY 2007 but growth for MY2008 is expected to be flat. The chain saw shipments will continue to contract during MY2007 but the contraction will not be as severe as MY 2006.  The contraction, says OPEI, is primarily in response to the significant increase in shipments of chain saws as a result of the hurricane activity in 2005. A small recovery of 2.5% in chainsaw shipments is expected in 2008, but the gain will still leave annual chain saw totals below 3 million units. 

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