Dell Ahead Of Schedule To Achieve Multi-Year Product Recycling Goal
Jul 25, 2007
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Dell said that it is ahead of schedule to achieve a multi-year goal of recovering 125 million kilograms (about 275 million pounds) of computer equipment by 2009. The company also renewed its worldwide challenge to computer manufacturers to offer free recycling to consumers.

Dell reported the recovery of more than 78 million pounds (nearly 40,000 tons) of unwanted information-technology equipment from customers in 2006, a 93% increase over 2005 and 12.4% of the equipment it sold seven years earlier, more than any other manufacturer that reports recovery progress by past sales weight.

The company expects to reach 1 billion pounds of collected equipment in approximately half the time it took one of its competitors.

"Protecting the environment is too important an issue for one company to be leading alone," said Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell. "Customers should not be forced into improper disposal due to a lack of environmentally responsible options. To that end, we are renewing our challenge to every computer manufacturer, regardless of size or location, to join us in offering a free, global consumer recycling program. It is the right thing for our customers and the earth we share."

The company has implemented several programs to encourage easy and convenient product recovery options. Key initiatives include:

Free Consumer Recycling: Dell offers consumers no-charge recycling services for its own branded computer equipment worldwide without requiring new product purchases. The company was the first to set product recovery goals in 2004 and completed the rollout of its global recycling program in 2006.

Reconnect Program: Dell partners with Goodwill Industries to help consumers donate unwanted electronics of any brand for intake at Goodwill sites. The program, currently available in U.S. Central and South Texas, Philadelphia and New Jersey, San Diego and San Francisco, the state of Michigan, western North Carolina and the Pittsburgh area, U.S., ensures equipment collected is handled under Dell's strict product-recovery guidelines.

Asset Recovery Services: Dell helps institutional customers responsibly and securely manage the retirement of used and unwanted IT equipment through an extensive offering of product recovery services.

Product Donation: Through a partnership with the National Cristina Foundation (NCF), Dell enables customers to donate any working computer system to non-profit organizations in their areas. NCF matches consumer donations to local not-for-profit organizations, public agencies and schools. The program is available throughout the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, France and major markets in Brazil.



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