Bissell Introduces New and Improved Steam Mop
Jul 12, 2007
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BIISSELL Homecare, Inc. introduces a new and improved Steam Mop in response to consumer demand. Available in April for $79.99, the Steam Mop provides an all natural, chemical-free way to clean hard floors. 

BISSELL's Steam Mop™ uses the disinfecting power of steam to clean hard floors naturally, when used as directed. The redesigned washable mop pad now uses MicroFiber material, making it two to three times more absorbent and durable, plus a new elastic cord makes it much easier to apply the pad to the mop head.

"At BISSELL the innovation process starts with consumers," said Jim Krzeminski, executive vice president of product development, sales and marketing. "The reintroduction of the Steam Mop was fueled by the overall trend toward organic and natural products, as well as specific consumer feedback about how much they valued the chemical-free cleaning it provided. Armed with this information, we decided that the time was right to redesign the Steam Mop and again provide consumers with the all natural cleaning power of steam."

The use of steam leaves floors clean and dry after use, making it a quick and easy solution for hard floor messes. And, because the Steam Mop is chemical-free, there are no harmful fumes or streaky residue left behind. After cleaning, the improved MicroFiber mop pads can be washed and reused, eliminating the waste of disposable cloths.

 In addition to providing a natural solution for home cleaning, the Steam Mop offers convenience.  After filling the water tank, it takes just 30 seconds until it is ready to use on hard floor messes.  For full control of its steam power, the Steam on Demand feature allows consumers to control the use of steam, unlike most other steam cleaners, which only provide continuous steam.  Its mop head swivels a full 360 degrees, giving it the ability to fit into hard-to-reach places.  Plus, the ergonomically designed Strain Reliever Handle™ makes the Steam Mop easy to maneuver and carry between cleaning jobs. 

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