Panasonic Launches Home IAQ Company
Oct 9, 2006
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Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (Secaucus, New Jersey, U.S.) has formed the Panasonic Home and Environment Company, a newly independent group focusing on green technology dedicated to helping improve the energy efficacy of homes and the health of homeowners in the U.S. With the company’s formation, Panasonic also launched its Whisper series of ventilation fans and its flagship WhisperGreen fans to address the growing problem of sick homes and the need for whole-house ventilation.

Panasonic said that, while air-tight green buildings bring benefits, they also bring unintended consequences such as poor air quality because the chemicals from synthetic materials, as well as dust and mold, can be trapped in homes. The problem extends to older homes, as well, Panasonic said, with the remodeling industry creating air-tight building environments in older homes with new windows, caulking, insulation techniques, and house wrap materials.

Panasonic said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists poor indoor air quality as the fourth-largest environmental threat in the U.S. EPA studies show that levels of air pollution inside the home can be two times to five times higher than outdoor levels.

“Whole house ventilation is a timely and important issue,” said Don T. Stevens, a member of the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and principal of Stevens and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in residential ventilation. “In fact, changes to building codes that recommend mandating whole house ventilation were debated by the industry at ICC’s annual conference in September."

Panasonic's Home and Environment Company’s fans are designed to offer a cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality.

“Panasonic Home and Environment Company is focused on improving people’s lives through the use of sound environmental practices and preservation of the natural environment, as well as spearheading a revolution in healthy whole-house ventilation," said Dan Hogan, named president of the new company.

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