Matsushita Starts Mass-Producing First 45-nm System LSIs
Jun 21, 2007
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) started mass-producing system LSIs at its semiconductor factory (pictured) in Uozu in Central Japan using the world's first 45-nm process. The 45-nm process enables a higher density circuit and offers higher speeds and savings in power consumption and chip size.

The process should enable the evolution of digital consumer products requiring more functionality, faster speed, and lower power consumption. Compared to the best conventional 65-nm process system LSIs, the new 45-nm process may reduce power consumption and required surface area by approximately two-thirds or one-half.

Matsushita, known globally for its Panasonic brand electronics and appliances, developed three key technologies to enable the new 45-nm process.  These include use of an ArF immersion scanner with a numerical aperture (NA) greater than 1. The immersion scanner delivers the ultrafine geometry of the 45-nm node in conjunction with the company's proprietary super-resolution enhancement technology. Another key technology is the use of a stress-induced, mobility-enhanced transistor that achieves high speed and low power consumption in miniaturization, and a highly reliable, multi-layer, wiring technology using low-k dielectrics. The third key technology is design for manufacturability.  Matsushita based the 45-nm process on high-precision variability modeling and design technology to achieve the higher performance and higher yields.

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