OPEI Works to Minimize Unknown Impacts of Alternative Fuels
Jun 20, 2007
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The U.S. Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) has taken a central role in the formation of the Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment (AllSAFE), a coalition of consumer and user groups and manufacturing associations.  AllSAFE's mission is to assure that new bio-based fuels such as ethanol are promoted in a safe and constructive manner.

"AllSAFE is working to improve our understanding of the unknown impacts and potential unintended consequences of ethanol and other renewable fuels on all stakeholders - consumers, manufacturers, gasoline retailers - as well as the environment," stated AllSAFE spokesperson Bill Guerry. 

AllSAFE is working this week to assure the amendments to the energy bills being discussed in Congress that would mandate increased ethanol blends do not create adverse effects on consumers and their products and vehicles, on retailers of fuels, on manufacturers of products and vehicles, or on the environment.  "We support the use of ethanol and other renewable fuels, but their incorporation into the national fuel supply needs to be thoroughly understood.  Safety concerns or product failures could lead to consumer rejection of all renewable fuels," warned Guerry. "Legislation needs to be reasoned, not reactive."

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