Emeet Launches Multimedia Range Hood
Jun 18, 2007
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There have been numerous countertop and refrigerator-based solutions for adding multimedia and home network access to the kitchen. Now Chinese OEM Zhejiang Emeet Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd has put entertainment and home control in a range hood.

When the four-speed ventilation is used, "wings" on either side of the unit open to help collect and ventilate cooking fumes.  When ventilation is off, the wings close, concealing the underside ventilation and giving the unit a streamlined appearance.  The range hood light can still be used when the ventilation unit is closed. The unit is designed with an automatic safety shutoff in the event of overheating, and during normal operation the user can set the delay shut-off for up to 99 min. The exterior of the hood is made from stainless steel and aluminum and the unit uses a sealed aluminum motor.

The display, with touch-screen switches, allows the user to control ventilation as well as play music or movies. The player will even display JPG image files or TXT documents, and all files can be downloaded from a PC via a USB interface.

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