Wataire Industries Files U.S. Patent Application
Sep 21, 2006
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Wataire Industries Inc. announced that it has converted a provisional patent application to a regular US patent application titled "Water Treatment processes and devices for water-from-air machines." Wataire's Research and Development Division has been working for several years to provide an effective and reliable method of controlling bacterial colonies attached to solid surfaces inside water systems.

In municipal systems chlorine is used to control bacterial growth. Water-from-air machines, especially residential sized machines, are not suited for addition of chlorine, a powerful chemical requiring special handling conditions. Much of the marketing appeal of water-from-air machines is the avoidance of any water treatment chemicals.

Micro-organisms, with Wataire's innovative design, are effectively managed the moment they enter Wataire's water treatment apparatus.

In addition to effectively controlling biofilm, Wataire's design combines innovations in the storage, treatment and dispensing of safe drinking water for both Wataire's counter top appliance as well as the Company's commercial size machines that produce 2500 and 5000 liters per day.

In a number of different locations and climates around the world, Wataire has conducted independent lab tests to determine the ability of Wataire machines to control biofilm and ensure its drinking water meets World Health Organization guidelines. In every instance, these guidelines have been met or exceeded.

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