Whirlpool Awarded for Accessibility of Laundry Products
Jun 1, 2007
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The American Foundation for the Blind recognized Whirlpool brand for its appliances that help those with vision loss to maintain their independence at home.

Whirlpool brand is the 14th annual recipient of the Helen Keller Achievement Award, recognizing individuals and organizations who have improved the quality of life for those who are visually impaired. The award is named for the world renowned advocate for the deaf and blind, Helen Keller.

Whirlpool Vice President, Brands & Customer Care John Alexander said the company is committed to meeting changing customer needs. "Those needs include increased accessibility and ease of use for all consumers, including those with vision loss," he said.

Whirlpool brand engineers incorporated tones into the newest Duet laundry system to help guide users through settings for wash and dry cycles. The Duet pair can also be placed on either 10-in. or 15.5-in. pedestals to be more accessible.

For those with vision loss, it is suggested they establish an organization routine by returning items to their original location. This awareness supported the creation of Whirlpool brand's Laundry 123 products. The Whirlpool brand Vertical Laundry Tower features two oversized drawers to hold larger laundry items such as detergent bottles and pull-out supply tray to organize everything from dryer sheets to pocket change. A 10-in. retractable hanging rod on some models provides consumers a temporary place to hang or air-dry four to six items such as shirts, hosiery, and delicates. The Laundry Tower is then able to hold laundry supplies within easy reach for many.

The company is also making strides with kitchen appliances by offering models with buttons on dishwasher doors that can be more easily felt by those with vision impairment.

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