More Sony Batteries Recalled, This Time by Toshiba
Sep 20, 2006
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Toshiba said it identified problems with batteries used in its portable computers. The batteries were made by Sony, but the problem with the batteries is apparently not an issue of overheating. Other supplied batteries for portable computers were recalled in August by Apple Computer and Dell, Inc. after a potential overheating problem,

The Toshiba recall covers batteries supplied with portable PCs made between March and May of 2006, and other batteries sold as accessories.. "The affected batteries simply stop working, i.e. they stop accepting a charge, and they no longer supply power to the computer," a Toshiba information statement said. "They do not overheat, or pose any safety related issue or concern."

Toshiba is replacing the batteries free of charge and says that all batteries made after June 1, 2006, are not affected by the problem. Various media reports say Sony blames the problem with the Toshiba batteries on a change in materials by one of its subcontractors.

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